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Fleet Management & Security Solutions

ist2_6786087-surveillance-cameraApproved Solutions Inc. provides a safe, secured, reliable and cost effective Fleet Management Solution to both businesses and individual use.


The goals of our Fleet Management Solution are as follows:

  • Improved Time and Money Management
  • Efficiency – Deliver accurate information, improve vehicle re-routing, and develop driver accountability.
  • Increase Security – With a Fleet Management System, keep track of fleet locations accurately
  • Management Simplification – With mobile data applications, managers can produce a variety of reports such as driver activity, time/location and messaging to optimize fleet operations
  • Up to 18% Increase in Productivity
  • Up to 22% Growth in Business
  • Up to 30 Miles Saved per Day
  • Up to 8% Saved in Fuel Consumption
  • Up to 42% Drop in Communications

Approved Solutions and partners offer fleet management solutions to several businesses in the US and all over the world. Some of the businesses that currently use our technology are as follows:

  • Boston Sand & Gravel Concrete - Ready Mix Concrete Producer
  • Busch Gardens – Rhino Rally
  • American Taxi Dispatch – Chicago
  • City of Albany – Georgia
  • USA Air Force – Police (Additional information is Classified)
  • British Colombia Ambulance - Canada
  • Mobile Area Water and Sewer Systems - Alabama
  • Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority –Ohio

Our technology provides our customers with improved control, faster response, better decision making, peace of mind and greater profitability.