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Building Controls


To fully understand the advantages of building automation systems, you should first become familiar with the purpose and applications of the technology.

Building automation is a programmed, computerized, "intelligent" network of electronic devices that monitor and control the HVAC, security, fire, or lighting systems in a building. The intent is to create an intelligent building and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Our Building Automation products comprises:

  • Lonworks and Bacnet Building Management Systems
  • Air handling unit field devices – valves; actuators; pressure, humidity and temperature sensors and switches
  • Fan coil unit devices – temperature controllers; valves; actuators; balancing valves
  • Cooling solutions – expansion valves; solenoid valves; filter driers; site glasses; controllers
  • Potable water-pressure reducing valves; water filters and strainers; non-return and safety valves
  • Heating thermostats – 7-day programmable; digital; analogue; remote sensing for under tile